Short information for Danmarks Fugle Zoo​​​

Danmarks Fugle Zoo is a little spot in the middle of Fyn. Not very far from Frøbjerg Bavnehøj, which are the highest hill at Fyn and some beautiful woods near the manor of Krengerup.

Danmarks Fugle Zoo has 800 birds from all over the world and they are placed in different aviaries in the 6 acres zoo. The path system is approximately 2 kilometers long but there a many bench so that you can enjoy the nature and the birds.

The zoo contains lakes, swamps and valleys and the nature is a big part of the zoo. The birds can enjoy the “freedom” in an aviary because the aviary is very big for the birds. The ducks can swim, the ostrich can run, and the birds can fly.

The nature is a great deal for Danmarks Fugle Zoo, not like a beautiful garden, but more like the pure nature with the weed, grass and trees. It is important that the birds feel the nature and not just look a it. 

The birds do not get synthetic vitamins or minerals. Neither medicine. The staff use the vitamins and minerals from the nature such as garlic and other herbs. The birds get, leaves and branches in the aviary and every day a new meal – meaning a new type of fruit or vegetables or seeds.

In the end of the tour you will find the “Eldorado” for kids. It’s an area under development, but it shows the kids how they should react on animals. Many kids do not know the basic about animals and what you should expect from its owner. In the area you can pet the animals, hear stories about them and sometimes feed them. Kids need to know when it is okay to pet a rabbit and when it just wants to sleep, like us human, animals needs to sleep once in a while.​

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